Submitted 2 years 7 months ago by jonmears.

The Strokemen of Albion are looking to arrange some social cricket matches over the summer. Fancy a game?

We are currently homeless but that means we can come to your home pitch! We are a ramshackle group of cricketers with varying levels of skill, from none to not much higher than that!

We can pay midweek and maybe weekends, so please get in touch by replying to this post or using the contact form on our...

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Submitted 2 years 10 months ago by TheUmpire.

Social Cricket on Social Media!

Durham Cricket Board is committed to promoting Social Cricket and will be forging closer links with various social media platforms to bring you up to date with Social Cricket news throughout County Durham.

Our Facebook page and Twitter (@DHSocialCricket) are now live and will be used to publish results and fixtures for our Indoor Bash Leagues and summer Social Cricket.


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Durham Social Cricket on Social Media

Submitted 2 years 11 months ago by NasuwtCC.


Back in 1948, teachers in Sunderland who had recently returned from the war formed the NASUWT cricket club. 

Funded by the Sunderland Branch of the NASUWT, we have led a nomadic existence playing home games at Ryhope, Houghton, East Rainton and Hylton in the last ten years alone.

Home games will be played at Littletown in 2016 as a result of existing close links formed by players. We are always on the look out for new players with a minimum criteria that they must be able to stand unaided although we are looking at relaxing that. In addition, we are always keen...

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Submitted 2 years 12 months ago by Littletown SMB ....

SMB Social CC @ LCC are based out of Littletown Cricket Club and form part of the overall club structure. Members of the club in partnership with the "Ready To Go" Sunderland Message Board Cricket Forum cricket team, formed SMB Social CC @ LCC in 2015.

We are firmly part of the furniture at LCC whilst maintaining our own independence by inviting social players to get involved in midweek friendly games during the summer season and indoor games during the winter season. 

If you are a cricket enthusiast, whether you have never held a bat before or whether you are a seasoned...

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Submitted 3 years 2 weeks ago by jonmears.


Every week, if we have enough numbers and we can get a net for hire, the Strokemen of Albion can be found getting a bit of practice in at the Riverside Emirates ICG.

Fancy joining us?

Prices range depending on numbers of players but is usually about £4-5 mark.

If you would like to join us sign up to this site and send me a PM.

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