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Social Cricket In County Durham

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon in June, blue skies for miles around and the crack of leather on willow can be heard, sounds good, doesn't it?

End of the over, that's lunch.

Maybe you haven't played for a few years or have never played but would like to give it a try.  Maybe family and work committments have got in the way and it seems like hard work to arrange a game with another team or even harder to find a team where you could play.

Durham Cricket Board want you to play and enjoy cricket. This site will help you find fellow cricketers in your area and across County Durham.

Close of play, now drinks.

Club Partnerships

Many cricket clubs across the county have facilities that are available to casual cricket teams for hire. Maybe you could base your team out of a club and take advantage of the bar after a hard day in the field.

Many cricket clubs across the county welcome social cricket teams and allow the use of the clubs facilities.

Forming a partnership with an existing club benefits everyone; you have a 'home ground' and more importantly a club house bar to boast about that boundry you dispatched or rib your mate about that dropped catch.

To find a club near you use our cricket club map or call Durham Cricket Board on 0191 387 2868 to find out more.

Which clubs have social teams is near me?

Which social cricket teams are near me?